Christian Wall Decal Scripture Wallpaper Bible Verse Wall Sticker 2 Corinthians 5:17

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A New Creation In Christ -  2 Corinthians 5:17
All Creation Reveals the glory of god.
You'll find this beautiful wall quote and other removable wall decals in our faith based collection. Christian Wall Murals are also customizable. Apply them to any clean, smooth or flat surface. Put them on your walls, doors or windows. Our wall Decals also peel off any smooth surface without damaging the paint.

ABOUT THIS SELF ADHESIVE WALL DECAL MURAL: Apply it as is, or cut between the words and space it out to your liking! Sky is the limit with this custom scripture wall design.  Wall quote is measured (tall x wide in inches), for the whole quote assembled together as shown in the product images.  Decals are made from 100% safe, removable vinyl that appears painted right on the surface! Decal Stickers are ideal for walls, doors, appliances, laptops, mail boxes, cabinets, mirrors, furniture, pots, outside of car body or windows, and nearly any flat, smooth surface. Perfect for permanent or temporary decorating! All wall decals are available in multiple sizes and colors. All design sizes are a close approximation.

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The Benefits of Christian Wall Murals

Application Instructions

Simply peel and stick! Made a mistake? No problem! Just remove and reposition! Incredibly user friendly! For your convenience and easier assembly, sizes over 22” may come in multiple pieces.

About Our Wall Decals

Simply PEEL the backing, STICK to the surface, PRESS upon the transfer tape, and viola! All wall decals are made from 100% interior safe, removable quality Adhesive! Instead of low cost vinyl with limited permanence and durability, Christian Wall Murals only uses top of the line material. Wall decals as appear as though they have been painted right on the walls! Perfect for permanent or temporary decorating! Decal designs are exemplary for windows and nearly any flat, smooth, and even some textured surfaces.